CE Marking Certification


What is CE Marking

CE marking shows whether a product complies with EU legislation and enables its free movement within the European market. When a manufacturer affixes the CE mark on his product, he is responsibly declaring that his product conforms with all of the legal requirements. It therefore ensures validity for that product to be sold throughout the EEA, the 27 member states of the EU and European Free Trade Association countries – Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Turkey.

CE marking does not indicate that a product was made in the EEA, but merely states that the product is assessed before being placed on the market and thus satisfies the legislative requirements (such as the harmonized level of safety) and prerequisites.

CE Marking Consulting

The Center of Business Excellence offers a full range of CE Compliance solutions. Our experts can guide you through CE compliance and CE Legislation, assisting you to correctly CE Label your Machinery. We will help you meet and understand the requirements of relevant New Approach Directives for CE Marking.

Our advisory team will work and guide you through every step of the CE Marking process which is described below:

1. Determine which directive(s) are applicable and have to be satisfied by your product
2. Satisfy the essential requirements
3. Establish a monitoring system
4. Establish an accident reporting system
5. Declaration of Conformity
6. Save the documentation for 10 years after a product has been placed on the market
7. Register with the appropriate governing body within Europe