We offer seminars on all the requirements and objectives of the various international standards of excellence, such as on quality management, health and safety, and environmental management, as well as seminars customised to your specific needs at your premises.

People are at the center of all activities. When you give your employees the authority and responsibility for continuous improvement, as well as the necessary knowledge and skills, you give them the power to be effective.

A team that is excited about quality performs to the peak of its ability. We will teach them what they need to know to produce quality and then let them apply their understanding to their work.
We offer:

In-house training

We offer customised seminars according to your specific needs at your premises in order to teach your staff all the requirements and objectives of the various international standards of excellence and how to apply them to your orgaisation.  All of our seminars are funded by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority (ΑΝΑΔ).

Games for business

We create a series of workshops, group activities and games that allow participants to apply their team skills, concepts and insights to their jobs through simulated real world situations thereby learning the key principles and specific actions required to develop a great team and create solid relationships.

Continuous improvement techniques

Through a series of seminars and lectures we will teach your staff the importance of a Quality Management System as regards team-building, production-line processes, process optimization, handling defects, achieving quality, and continual improvement techniques.